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Hornady LEVERevolution 35 Rem, 200 grain FTX, Box of 20

Hornady LEVERevolution 35 Rem, 200 grain FTX, Box of 20

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Hornady LEVERevolution 35 Rem Ammunition

  • 200 grain FTX bullet
  • Muzzle Velocity:  2225 fps
  • Box of 20
  • Made in U.S.A.
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Product Features


The patented Flex Tip® technology of the FTX® and MonoFlex® bullets provide higher ballistic coefficients and velocity increases of up to 250 fps over traditional flat point loads while still providing shock-absorbing safety in tubular magazines.


New propellants provide maximum muzzle velocity at conventional pressures, resulting in flatter trajectories and more downrange energy. Exceptional accuracy and overwhelming downrange terminal performance.


LEVERevolution® ammunition outperforms conventional loads for high weight retention, delivering up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point bullets. The higher ballistic coefficients of the FTX® and MonoFlex® bullets produce consistently flatter trajectories than conventional bullets and provide overwhelming downrange terminal performance.

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